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My name's Danielle, but if you can call me Dani that'd be great!
I'm a 14 year old digital artist who lives in Canada.
I consider myself a nice person, and I have really immature humor- so don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm always open to making new friends!


I Love England - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingI Love Spain - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingI Love Prussia - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingI Love America - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingI Love Romano - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

Keep Calm and Ship Spamano by StampillaDiChocolatKeep Calm and Ship USUK by StampillaDiChocolatKeep Calm and Stay Awesome by StampillaDiChocolat


Ayyy it's yo DékuNut Dekulio speaking!
Can I just say that you're the best person ever, and I've had the honor to have you as my bestie for more than 3 years man, 3 YEARS YO, those years have been the best one ever.
We've shared so many memories, like the "screaming babies", those will always be something to remember! Or how we constantly fucks around on the internet, or how me simply make parodies of life, constantly<3
We have so darn much in comon it's sick man, but that's how it's suppose to be!
I can ALWAYS be myself around you, to 100%, nothing ever gets awkward, nothing ever feels wrong, everything feels so free and enjoyable, I can smile and laugh as much as I truly wish for around you, cuz you accept me for the one I am! You are so cheering and a so well supporting fella, I can always count on you when ever I need a shoulder to cry on!
I can assure you, that if it weren't for your constant support and laugh giving conversations ever since we meet, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this down, I seriously owe my life to you, thank you SO much for always being there for me! You just wait a bit more, then we'll be sitting on a tropical island, enjoying the sun and queefs! All my love to you, my bby fruuuu:heart::heart:

And to everyone reading this, you should totally watch and follow her, she is the sweetest girl ever, and deserves more love, give her love I demand!


Yo, its iSkost your little satan shit. <3333 This is all for you and I'm writing it from the bottom of my heart, I truly mean it and ilysm. ;__;<33 (fucking auto correct changed my ilysm to asylum wtf yes oFF TO THE ASYLUM DANI.) nO BUT YEAH THE LAST THING I WROTE FOR YOU WAS STUPID AND SHORT AND NOT MEANINGFUL SO HOPEFULLY THIS IS BETTER.

You're truly an amazing person. You're funny, kind, smart, caring, supportive, generous, loyal, and always know what to say to cheer me up and fuck we have loads in common. We've already been friends for over a year, I can't believe it went by so fast. <33 I'm so so happy that I met you. You're always the one who I know I can talk to when I'm down or just need to let out a rant or vent and I'm so happy that I can rely on you. :heart::heart: I don't consider you my friend, or even my closest friend, I consider you my own sister 'cause you're just that damn special to me you little fag. :heart: You crayon eating mother fucker, I know you're smiling at the screen right now with your little obama smiling face. I do admire you a lot however. You're never afraid to speak your mind or step in when things get out of control and I respect you so much for that. <3 We can relate so well in so many ways and I love that as well because I've literally never met one person in my life who could relate so much to me in so many ways. Thank you loads for always being there for me and telling me right from wrong for the past year because you've totally helped me improve on my life and I can't thank you enough. ;_; I'll always be here for you as well, to help you when you need it and you know you can always come to me when you're feeling the need to rant or vent because I never mind listening to you alright you're fucking special to me you little retarded shit. <3333

And yes, listen to Ome in the other custom box you little fuckers who're looking at Dani's page cuz its true. You should really watch her, follow her, and favorite her art because she is amazing and has one of the best styles I've ever seen and she definitely does deserve a lot more credit ! :heart:

OH, FUN FACT, did you know that I wrote down the date that we ever first started talking to each other and became immediate friends because I did you shit.

February 16th, 2014

A whole year of laughs and so many amazing moments that I will cherish forever. I know there are so many more years for us to come and I can't wait for those years. Ilysm you satan's bitch fag. :heart::heart::heart: ~ Kai/Riley/Satan/Bitch/Fag


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AshOfCoffee :iconwasplz::iconhereplz:


AHEM. i'll have you know that dani is the most goddamn awesomest person you'll ever encounter. she is the most caring, loyal, understanding, supportive, funny, & coolest lil shit out there. we've only known each other for like a month or 2 and i feel like i've known you my entire life! we have so much in common, and we even have the same personal struggles. you're the bestest friend i've ever had and i know that our friendship will never die :heart:
i still have many years to spend with you and i will never forget about you and the time we spend together talking each day. to me you aren't boring even the slightest, i lob- FUCKING KEYBOARD cries. LOVE** you and i hope you love me like a sister too. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ you're a great artist and i know you will go far in life, i look up to you, you and Dekulio are my swaggy senpais and you always will be. :heart::heart::heart::heart:


:iconsuper-edgy: :iconsafetypin321: :iconmikeybutt: :icondeadlightbulbmnimaia: :iconemmabebe:













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